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The Finnish tea house Nordqvist has already been operating for forty years. The company started its operation as a retail store in 1979. At that time the retail store specialised in flavoured tea varieties and loose sales was a new concept in Finland.

The tea shops located in Helsinki city centre offered their customers a wide selection of both flavoured and unflavoured tea varieties, based on the company’s own import. Our new store type and tea varieties were welcomed with excitement by the customers. The news spread, resulting in more and more merchants around Finland turning to Nordqvist in their tea supplies. This is how Nordqvist’s tea import and wholesale begun.

Nowadays the Finnish family business and the tea factory are located in Ilvesvuori, Nurmijärvi. The tea import and processing operations engage around 25 people. In addition to the Finnish markets, Nordqvist sells tea among others to Russia, the Baltic countries and Japan. Our primary goals have stayed unchanged since the founding of our company: Offering delicious tea of high quality, and valuing product safety. We at Nordqvist are committed to these objectives.